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Vampire NPCs
« on: May 06, 2014, 07:13:27 pm »
Master Level NPC Vampires. More may be added at a later time.

(M)Aaron- Master Level 2-       
Belle Morte - Beautiful Death

(M) Daniel- Master Level 1-                
 Padma - Master of Beasts

(M)Ethan Delerantez- Police Officer- Master Level 3-               
 Padma - Master of Beasts

(F)Katharine- Master Level 2-             
Morte d'Amore - Lover of Death

(M)Justin Master Level 3-                  
 Belle Morte - Beautiful Death ---Master over Krystara--

(F)Lorraine- Master Level 1-              

(M)Matthew- Master Level 1-              
The Dragon - Bringer of Fear

(F)Oriana- Master Level 3-                 
The Dragon - Bringer of Fear

(M)Zack Master Level 2 -                   

Devon Ene's Head of Security-

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Re: Vampire NPC's
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2015, 06:58:47 pm »
The following are some (those already revealed through roleplay) of the vampire (and other) significant NPCs that have sworn allegiance to Tyler as Master of the City of Orlando. These characters are loyal to Tyler. If you're interested in using these NPCs in your RP, or (better yet) interested in taking on one of these characters as your own, please message me (Seth). They were intended for sharing. As always, use of anyone's creations is subject to the discrimination of the original creator, but the hope is these characters will become your own to such a degree that such concerns don't even matter.


Celebrity: David Grandy
Age: Uncertain - believed to be roughly 1,300 years old. Appears as a man in his early 30s.
Bloodline: Padma - Master Level 3
  • Loyal and dedicated, deferential
  • Affectionate, amiable, passionate
  • Playful and up for a good party, but equally comfortable spending a solitary night alone deep in the forest surrounded by wolves, his bonded animals
  • Mannerly by nature, cordial and candid, tactful

Pellegrina "Pelle"

Celebrity: Eva Green
Age: Turned in 1226. Appears to be a woman in her early 20s.
Bloodline: Belle Morte - Moderate Level 3
Known History: Pellegrina is an old one, a French noble woman who would have been murdered by a jealous lover when, in the summer of the year 1226, he happened upon Pelle and an adolescent female servant tasting each other beneath bed sheets. Were it not for a hungry immortal happening by, with an eye for beauty and a heart for injustice, Pelle would have faded from the world and been lost to the annals of time. Instead she stepped beyond time’s grasp and embraced a world of blood and shadow… beginning with eating her husband’s heart and attempting to turn the servant girl in the same night. She’d tried to save her short-time companion only to have gorged on her blood after failing to fight back the “longings” of the newly made.
  • Mischievous
  • She has many stories, and a talent for telling them
  • Flirty (with both men and women, though she has a slight preference for the company of young women)
  • Adventurous, curious, and always open to new experiences
  • Ambitious, energetic, artistic, imaginative


Celebrity: Anton Yelchin
Age: Turned in 1710. Appears to be a boy in his mid teens.
Bloodline: Traveler - Master Level 1
  • Attentive, alert, vigilant, analytical, cool-headed
  • Quiet, composed, guarded, soulful, stoic
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