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Shulamit (Shula) Charra
« on: April 21, 2017, 07:05:20 pm »
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Avatar Celebrities : Kate Mara/MariaAmanda/Lady Kat Eyes
Name: Shunlamit (Shula) Charra
Nickname: Firestarter
D.O.B: October 31, 1990
Age: 26
Species: Vampire (formerly superhuman pyrokinetic)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye color: Brown/Red/Grey
Hair color: Red/White/Black
Nationality: American
Lineage: The Dragon
Level: Newly Turned - Novice 1

Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Gaelic, Welsh
Mark(s) and Tattoo(s) Piercing(s): She bears a single tattoo, on the inside of her upper arm, which is a permanent record of her acceptance into the Guild of Vampire Hunters. Because it was imprinted with ritual, it remained after her Turning. She bore fourteen scars on her left outer forearm, which designate each of her kills. She had scars on her torso, back, neck, and right arm, from vampire claw and bite marks, and burn scars on the outside of one leg, from acid thrown by a vampire's blood doll.

After her turning, she has ONE scar, on her shoulder, from the bite of the whip, Trinity, wielded by Sundrya. This, along with the Guild tattoo, are the only things to mar the pale new complexion.

D.O.T(Date of turning): 3/19/2017
Occupation(s): Vampire Hunter (before she was Turned)
Weapon(s) of choice: Silver-tipped, square-bolt crossbow; Silver cross stakes; sawed-off shotgun bearing colloidal-silver-filled pellet shot. Now that she has turned, she has not selected new weapons.


Vampire Abilities:

* Novice Level 1: Speed/Strength/Senses
All Vampires, regardless of age get an increase in speed, strength , hearing, and sense of smell. How much of an increase depends on the individual vampire, but a general rule of thumb to go by is about 10 times human ability. Even a newly risen vampire could lift a car over their heads.

* Novice Level 1: Voice Control
Vampires, even the youngest can put their inner energy into their voice and can call and command humans and to a lesser extent non alpha lycanthropes. The degree of effectiveness is determined by the overall age and power of the vampire. An ancient vampire can suck a person in just by the power of their voice. Some vampires can even make the sound of their voice seem like a physical touch. Whether this is for pleasure or pain depends on the vampire and the situation. When used for commanding humans, its very difficult to resist obeying the vampire. The commands are generally of the nature of bringing the human to the vampire and using other abilites once the vampire is in reach.

Unique abilities (these are due to the demon having forced a Turn on a pyrokinetic)
* Appearance Changes -  Her appearance changes according to her moods, from the heated rage that has her hair glowing flaming red (Kate Mara - Infiernia State) to a ghostly pale (MariaAmanda - secretive or hiding - Lumieria State). Her normal appearance is a change from her mortal appearance, and seems to imply that the appearance that she had for most of her life was related to her spending most of her life in the Infiernia state as an active pyrokinetic. Her normal appearance as a vampire, when her pyrokinesis is repressed or she is emotionally stable is jet black hair and emerald eyes (LadyKatEyes - hunting). *Note: the Lumieria phase (the white one with blue flames) is a heat-less state. It doesn't burn that much extra power, and it is completely harmless -- just pretty to look at).

Pyrokinetic Abilities: (These are abilities that she was born with, and which are inherent in her genetics, and which remained after she was Turned, since they are part of her genetic makeup)

* Fire Immunity - Is immune to burning and immolation. As a vampire, is immune to damage by fire from all sources. She does not burn.

* Fire Aura - The ability to surround oneself in fire. This is NOT a shield -- it is just a manifestation of fire. In Shula, this manifestation can be evoked by strong emotions, and the aura will change color according to her mood or state (hunger, rage, fear, etc.)

* Pyrokinetic Flight - The ability to fly using fire. As a vampire, this state is only active in her 'Infierna' state (the redhead) -- she must be fully nourished, and angry enough to be able to raise sufficient fire to get her started OR she must be in a place that is burning heavily enough to 'launch' her. She will naturally rise off the ground, though, when her fire-state (Infierna) is evoked.

Pyro-related Weaknesses
* When Shula's Infieria powers flare (the burning, hot ones), it burns through food at an exorbitant rate. It's not like she can just go out for a hamburger, so if there is no ready food source, Shula will be weakened until she's able to feed again.

* Shula can be 'chilled' out of her Infiernia state -- fire extinguishers, ice water... anything that suddenly chills her body temperature will instantly quell the Infiernia state, at least temporarily.

*If quelling her fire-rage isn't enough to deal with the situation at hand, clocking her into unconsciousness will leave her completely unable to use her aura or anything else until she's both conscious and has fed.

Shulamit Charra (her name means 'flame') was born into the Vampire Hunter's Guild. She was born a pyrokinetic, with all of the challenges that brought her parents as she grew up and learned to control her powers.

Her mother and father were both members, as were her aunts and her uncle. She was raised in the Guild, trained in the Guild, killed her first vampire with her mother when she was thirteen, and watched her father, her aunts, and a half dozen cousins die in the service of the Guild. She is utterly remorseless. Of late, after the death of her mother at the hands of a vampire who easily passed as human, she's become a bit of a rogue, though her exploits haven't gotten back to the Guild as of yet. These days, if she even suspects that someone might be a vampire, she stalks them and, often, kills them without any definitive proof that they are, indeed, vampires. Too, she does not respect the authority of the MoTC of the cities... a vampire is a vampire is a vampire, and they all need to die.

When the Guild started working with the Vampire Council and Masters of the City, turning over policing of most routine vampire occurrences to the MoTCs, a group of the Hunter's Guild broke away, starting their own organization that retained the older concepts of the Vampire Hunter's Guild -- in particular, that the only good vampire was a dead vampire.

Trapped by one of the official Guild members one night, while preparing to invade Club Twisted, the known hang-out for the Orlando MoTC and her vampires, Shula chose to kill the man, rather than expose the rogue group to which she had given her loyalties. The demon, Sundrya, who had a hard-on for causing trouble for the MoTC, Enelya, coerced Shula into going with her, eventually going so far as to trip the girl and knock her out and just have her carried off. Sundrya's nefarious purpose came to its fore.

Sundrya had a 'kept pet' vampire, one of the few of The Dragon's line, that she had seduced. She encouraged the man to Turn Shula, and then rewarded him by killing him so that Shula would rise without her Maker's control. Sundrya taunted Shula into a blood lust, then used the demon whip Trinity on her to get her under enough control that Sundrya could drop the girl, unannounced, on Enelya's doorstep.
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Re: Shulamit (Shula) Charra
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Pyro would dimish she wouldnt have it any more

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Re: Shulamit (Shula) Charra
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Modified per our discussion.