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Taken Celebs
« on: May 08, 2014, 03:08:29 pm »
Taken Celebrities is so we may keep track of each and every model used in avatars.
Other players are NOT permitted to use a celebrity once a player has reserved them for their character.
SPECIAL NOTE: Certain exceptions exist, such as when two players agree to make identical characters, etc. Speak to a moderator for exemptions.


Amber Heard - Sam (NPC Werewolf, owned by Jonny)
Amy Lee- Lilly Dark
Angelina Jolie - Enelya Lissesul
Anton Yelchin - Johann (NPC vampire, usually played by Seth)
Ashley Greene -
Avril Lavigne - Stara Tenova

Ben Browder
Blake Lively -
Brandy -

Carl Beukes-Damon
Catherine Zeta Jones - Raine McPherson
Candice Accola-Morgan
Channing Tatum - Malekye (NPC Human bartender of Dollhouse. Generally played by Lita)
Charisma Carpenter - Adrianna
Charlie Hunnam - Trevor
Charlize Theron - Sileena
Chris Hemsworth- Mitch
Christian Bale - Father Michael
Christina Aguilera - Lita
Christina Dolce- Sundrya
Christina Hendricks - Oriphiel
Claudia Lynx- Sheridan
Corey Taylor -
Danielle Campbell- Bailey
Danneel Harris - Emmaline
Davey Havok -
Dave Navarro- Gavin
David Draiman -
David Grandy - Isaac (NPC vampire; usually played by Seth)
David Henrie - Angelo (NPC Wolf)
Denise Richard - Autumn
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -

Elisha Cuthbert - Dhelia
Elijah Wood - Nathaniel aka Nathan
Eliza Dushku - Krystara
Emily Florence Shaw - Cerise (NPC Wolf)
Emmy Rossum- Isabella
Eric Balfour - Declan (NPC Wolf)
Eva Green - Pellegrina "Pelle" (NPC vampire; usually played by Seth)
Eva Mendes - Mya
Ewen Mcgregor - Dylan (NPC)


Gary Dourdan - Cassidy Miller (NPC Crime Lab & Blood Splatter Analyst, usually played by Seth)
Glenn Danzig - Ahriman Scarlatelli


Holly Marie Combs -
Hannah Beth for Lyric Bowers


Ian Somerhalder - Darius O'Connor
Iwan Rheon -
India Eisley-
Imogen Poots-


Jackson Rathebone - Ashlyn Kindkade
Jared Padalecki - Morgan Fisher (NPC Detective, usually played by Seth)
Jennifer Aniston -
Jennifer Garner - Ryan Demonico
Jennifer Lopez-Nytemare Theroux
Jenson Ackles - Nick Curtis
Jeri Ryan - Je'Seana Valmoneth DarHavian
Jesse Blaze Snider - Blaze
Jesse James -
Jessica Alba - Cynder Hunter
Jessica Stahm (Face of Air) for Mab Mabsdatter
Jessie Pavelka- Mitch
Jimmy Urine -
Joe Manganiello - Carson Marrik
Joseph Morgan  -
John leguizamo -
Jonathan Davis -
Jonathan Rhys Meyers -
Jonny Depp-
Josh Ramsey -
Josie Moran -
Joss Stone - Stevie
Julia Stiles -

Kate Beckinsale -
Kate Upton- Claire
Katrina Kaif -
Keanu Reeves - David
Keith Hamilton Cobb -
Kevin Nash -
Kim Coates -
Ksenia solo - Azriella Marie Rose
Kyle Schmid - Cortez


Lady Gaga - Lydia Chance
Lauren Graham - Ce Glace
Leonardo Dicaprio -
Liam Neeson - Reserved
L.L. Cool J -

Maggie Grace - Bianca (Personal NPC Human)
Martine Carol for Calla Cour de Reves
Matthew McConaughey -
Megan Ewing- Talender
Megan Fox -  Regeane/ Stormy
Michael Madsen - "The Gambler"
Michael Weatherly - Michael Spencer (Lion NPC)
Michelle Trachtenberg - Gemma Cypher
Mila Kunis -
Minka Kelly -
Miranda Lambert- Cos

Nicholas Hoult - Reserved
Nina Dobrev - Skye Madison
Nicole Kidman - Calla

Omar Epps - Bomani Mabonagain

Paul Michael Levesque (aka "Triple H") - Maverick
Paul Rudd -
Paul Walker - Justin (NPC Vampire)
Pauley Pereette -
Penelope Cruz - Inez
Phoebe Tonkin - Shenaz


Ron Pearlman -
Ryan Cartwright -
Ryan Reynolds -
Rachel Dashae- Lyric
Roman Regins- Volac

Sam Witwer - Reserved
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Jade Rivers
Scarlett Johanson -
Shannyn Sossamon - Carmen (NPC Wolf)
Shari Joy - Deirdra
Shemar Moore - Devon (Ene's head of Security, NPC)
Signourney Weaver - Cassandra Pierson (NPC Lead Forensic Investigator, usually played by Seth)
Stephanie McMahon - Saleetia Silverblade
Stuart Townsend -
Susan Coffey -

Theo James -Brad
Tommy Flanagan - Reserved for ChaoticDragon
Tyra Banks- Musette
Taylor Kitsch-- James NPC Wolf

Van Hansis -
Vin Diesel-Xavier - (In memory of Masi, Never to be taken by anyone else)
Viggo Mortenson- Tyler

Wednesday Mourning (Face of Darkness)
Wesley Snipes - Altiar
Will Smith - Reserved
William Sadler - Robert Giles



Zack Wylde -
Zoey Deschanel- Cassidy Givens

If there are any characters that are new to the room and would like to reserve a space for their characters model, please write your request below in the post reply. If there are any models that I have missed please do the same. Also, keep in mind, if I do not see your character being used for a long time, a vote will be had between room moderators and it will be decided whether your model will be removed from our list therefore making it available to others.
Thank you and enjoy your roleplaying!!!
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