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Mab Mabsdatter
« on: March 23, 2016, 04:46:20 pm »
Av Tags: Beautiful Rage
Avatar Celebrity: Wednesday Mourning/Jessica Stahm
Name: Mab
Human Name: None
Nickname: Queen Mab, Our Lady, Majesty.... the usual obeisances...
D.O.B -Unknown-There is no corresponding human date for her birth in the Unseelie Underhill
Age:(How old you look) -30s
Real age: Ancient
Height: Varies. She is capable of changing from the size of a small butterfly up to 6' 7"
Weight: Varies from featherlight to about 160 lbs
Eye color: Emerald green
Hair color: Snow white or Jet Black
Nationality:  Unseelie Fae
Level: Queen
Spoken languages: All known Seelie and Unseelie languages, Troll, Ogre, Sluagh. Can manage most Human languages, though she often speaks through an Emissary.

Mark(s) and Tattoo(s) Piercing(s): Tattoos that glow black in pure moonlight in the Unseelie tongue, and announce her as Queen of Air and Darkness.

Occupation(s): Queen of the Unseelie Fae

Weapon(s) of choice:
Magic, though she does have a fondness for almost any weapon of torture.
Silver blades
Sword of Moonlight and Sword of Darkness (Magical swords that bring death to creatures of the Fae and absorb their magic.

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Sight
Unseelie Fae abilities:
   Can hear anything spoken in the shadows or under cover of darkness, or anything spoken before a mirror.
   Can also enchant mirrors to create doorways into Underhill and into the Unseelie and Sluagh realms.
   Can invade dreams
   Can suffocate by intent
   Can blind by intent
   Can create illusions
   Can change her appearance or disappear into the shadows or appear invisible in darkness
   Can 'hide' moonlight for brief periods of time
   Can control other Unseelie Fae by virtue of her role as Queen
   Can control the Sluagh by virtue of her role as Queen of the Unseelie, as they are a sub-caste of the Unseelie Fae.
   Controls the Wild Hunt
   Can change her shape and size and is able to change between her Face of Air (Jessica Stahm) and her Face of Darkness (Wednesday Mourning)

         Mab, daughter of Mab, is the current, reigning Queen of the Unseelie, one of the two Faery courts (Unseelie and Seelie). She is technically married to Taranis, son of Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, and the king of the Seelie Court, however, the two are mortal enemies, and their only communion together resulted in two children (a boy and a girl) who were so twisted that they were only welcomed among the Sluagh. They currently reign as King and Queen of the Sluagh, though Taranis refuses to acknowledge them in any way (though, in general, this is his behavior towards all of the Sluagh).
   Mab, for all of her faults, loves her children, and actually does care for her subjects. Her people are the outcasts. They are the dark side of the faery courts, and she makes no attempt to try to mediate their behavior. From Boggarts to Redcaps to the sluagh themselves; from trolls to undines to fire and ice sprites; Mab welcomes the mischiefs of her people, and encourages them.
   Mab tends to seek out the unusual, the interesting, and the magically rich among the mortal races. While virtually immortal herself, her own people have widely varied lifespans, from a mere fifteen years or so for a sprite or pixie up to several hundred years for rock-trolls. She loves to -play- with mortals, especially the humans, dragging them to Underhill on raids of the Wild Hunt to serve her for varied periods of time, during which she tortures them, allows them to heal (sometimes with her magical assistance), and the tortures them again. If they survive, which a surprising proportion do, they are returned to their mortal worlds -- but they often return in a timeframe that is warped... a hundred years or more may have passed in the human world during the time that the captive spent Underhill. Everyone they knew and/or loved would be dead, and they are often warped so badly in terms of mental health that they end up either dead or locked up.

Mab is a sadist, with an occasional urge towards masochism, and to be overpowered. Usually, when this comes up, she goes to the King of the Sluagh, who is brutal enough for her tastes.


Unseelie Fae don't have the same issue with being around cold iron as the Light Court fae do, however, they are still vulnerable to it if they are stabbed or shot with a cold iron round. They can be magically held in a Faery Circle, and sometimes compelled by human will, though the human would have to be inordinately powerful to compel Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness.

Mab is also vulnerable to magic -- especially incursions of Seelie magic fortified by her husband, Taranis.


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