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Artificialis Daemonium
« on: May 09, 2015, 09:07:28 pm »
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Avatar Celebrity : Walrider from Outlast
Name: Walrider
Nickname: Project Walrider
D.O.B Created in January 2nd, 2012
Age:(How old you look) N/A
Real age:(Actual age) N/A
Height: 6’ 8”
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye color: White
Hair color: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Level: Novice Lvl 1
Spoken languages: English
Mark(s) and Tattoo(s) Piercing(s): The project symbol that is imprinted at the back of his head that vaguely looks like a trinity symbol
Occupation(s): None of the moment
D.O.T(Date of turning): None
Weapon(s) of choice: Hands

Abilitie(s):Novice level 1

 regardless of age get an increase in speed, strength , hearing, and sense of smell. How much of an increase depends on the individual Demon, but a general rule of thumb to go by is about 10 times human ability. Even a newly risen vampire could lift a car over their heads.

Day Walker: The sun's rays have no effect on there ability to move about during the day time hours. Be it in the sun or a Home.

Spirit Form: Demons have a physical form and a metaphyiscal form or Spirit form that they can use to roam about as if they were a ghost.

Background:(Must have accurate story that you can remember...No changing in the middle of the r/p)

The Walrider Project was the attempt to create artificial demons for military purposes to combat the supernatural. After consulting great minds of science, experts in the supernatural, and reports they decided to create the first artificial demon. The results were promising, after the collection of sin embedded within bodies of heavy sinners, they managed to compressed it into a humanoid form, giving it solid shape and form as it was ‘created’. The first of the many tests was to see it achieved sentience. It was capable of knowing of who it is, though it has taken the name of the project as it’s own, it was  capable of learning language and mathematics. After the first month of existence, it began to question its existence and its creation, why it was contained in a cell miles under ground, why there was crosses shined on the doors and why it hurts to look at them. Of course these questions weren’t answered to it, leaving it to distrust its captors and caretakers. After three months of developing itself, it escaped. There was a four hour footage of it tearing itself through the base’s security, watching as bullets fly through it and it take apart men limb from limb as it made it’s way to the surface. After months of travel, mostly in hiding as it would be hard to hide what its body was amongst the populace till it eventually arrived in Orlando


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Re: Artificialis Daemonium
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Re: Artificialis Daemonium
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P.S. I LOVED that game!