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    • The following are the established rules for Dark Horizons. These rules are the result of years of working with great roleplayers and collecting feedback and suggestions from both the veterans and the new players.
      We welcome and encourage your continuing feedback.

      It is the responsibility of all players to familiarize yourselves with, and adhere to, the rules listed on this forum.
      Taking part in either the Dark Horizons (DH) Roleplay Oasis (RPO) chatroom or DH forum constitutes acceptance and agreement to abide by stated rules.
      Failure to follow established rules will result in a warning being issued, followed by further escalation as deemed necessary by assigned moderators and administration. This can include but is not limited to posts being ignored/deleted, and users being banned from future interaction.
      Your signature or voiced acceptance of this post is not required; if you are roleplaying here then you must agree to the rules below. However, should you have concerns or questions related to these rules, you may post it as a reply, or get in touch with a moderator (listed under the Members section of the forum).

      Please know that rules are subject to change without prior notice. Updated rule changes will be maintained here for your reference.

      Please report all suspected/known violations of these rules to a room moderator/administrator for review. Help us help you.

      Thank you.



      This forum and its associated sites contain adult material and are NOT suited for minors. You must be 18 to role play here.
      If you are under 18 years of age, please leave now. We cannot be held responsible for your actions, nor are we acting in any way to send you the content of this site. Any users found to be under that age of 18 will be banned for life.

      For your reference. the US laws covering this are as follows: Title 18 US Code 1470, 1591, 2425, 2427.

      By entering our forum or any of the chat rooms associated with this forum, you are confirming that you are legally entitled to receive it and that you have read, and agree to, the terms and conditions of the use of the site.
      In so doing you absolve the site owner and Internet Service Provider of any liability that might accrue from your actions while using the site. Please note that several of the entry pages for the forums and associated chat rooms contain links to other websites outside of this Site which have been created by the users of those sites. We do not own or operate these websites and we are not responsible for their content.

      Administration - Site Owners are not responsible for any copyright infringement brought onto these sites as we simply have no way of knowing if another person is committing an offense. We strongly urge anyone who feels they are an injured party to contact us immediately so we can provide support, and adherence to federal laws.


      You must be 18 or older to roleplay (rp) on this site
      If you are a minor and are caught you will be banished and then turned over to Roleplay Oasis administrators.

      Do NOT roleplay as another player's character (PC).
      You cannot roleplay as another player's character for any reason, including their sudden departure from, or silence toward, a particular roleplay. In such cases the other players are permitted to say the character suddenly seemed nonresponsive, that they went off somewhere undetermined, or the other players left them behind.
      An exception to this rule exists when another player provides permission to roleplay their character. Be advised however that should your words/behavior for their character be contested by the player, then you may be required to (1) provide proof of the permission that was given and any requirements that were put forth; and (2) retract your post, making it null and void, should the complaint be approved. Please be aware that in all such cases the side of the character's established player will be assigned greater weight in determining if the post should remain or be considered null and void, since they are the authority on how their character thinks/behaves/speaks.
      If you feel this would be difficult or present a problem for you, take the safe route: Don't play/post as another player's character (a Non-NPC, also called PC).
      If you roleplay as a player's character without their permission or their input, your rp will be null and void. You will be warned about the offense.

      Recording Chatroom Posts to Forum:
      Think of all the posts on the DH chatroom as being a part of a massive "DH Novel" (or series). If you want your roleplay to be considered a set and established part of that ongoing story then you have 24 hours to post a roleplay that has taken place in the chatroom. If it is not posted within 24 hours of the rp taking place the rp will be null and void. It might still have been a lot of fun, but it will not be considered part of "DH Canon". Other players need not ever acknowledge the posts in an unrecorded roleplay session. The only way it wouldn't be null and void is if you come to the Room-Owner or moderator and tell them of the situation. During an rp of two or more players, it should be stated in the room who is recording the session with the intent to post the rp to the forum. Requests for roleplays to go unrecorded (and thus not be part of the DH story) should be stated and agreed to during the discussion of who is recording the roleplay.

      Establish Posting Order
      This is less of a set and enforced rule, more of a simple suggestion/request that will help us keep the room (and our records) orderly and help to ensure no turns to post are missed, no players skipped. We should all have the opportunity to reply, react, and contribute.
      While any manner of determining posting order is fine provided that everyone agrees and no one is left out, we find that this simple default rule works wonders and leaves no one confused or players having to track who's next: Use the same order as the pulldown list. EASY!

      Sexual Harassment:
      This is a no brainer. If you have a filthy mouth and seek to seduce other players then we don't want to hear it on the message boards. Ranting is accepted as long as no direct accusations or slander is made. Posts to the room are alright as well as long as it is in character (between two consenting adults). And no open posts about your personal sex life, or the known personal sex lives of any other members.

      No manner of bigotry will be tolerated. For example, racism will NOT be tolerated, on the board or the chat room. Zero tolerance for racism. It is under the categories of: Name calling, vulgar language that includes racist remarks,and images posted that portray such things as to be racist. If any of the acts are brought to the mods attention then you will be banned depending on the severity of the offense. However, racism is only one example of the intolerant and prejudiced behavior we will simply not condone. NO user may make negative reacts pertaining to another player's gender, sex, race, class, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. These are examples of prejudice and offensive behavior that cannot be conducted in the room, and examples of attitudes that are not welcome here. Others may be added to that list, or handled on a case by case basis based on unwelcome conversation toward elements of an individual that are protected by human rights, legal rights, or simply not suited to acting like an open-minded human being.
      If you have a problem with a character or even an administer then please notify the room leader or just try talking it out. If you feel you are not being treated fairly ask a moderator or administer to help you out as best as they can. When problems arise in character (IC, which means as part of the fictional storyline) try and ROLE PLAY them out. That is the entire point of ROLE PLAY not everyone will get along, that happens. Have the leaders of the room that involve your characters Role play it out with you. We are a room of tolerance, except when you break our rules.

      Crude Images:
      We are all adults yet not all of us are into seeing pornographic images. Your tags are limited to your celeb and name (Along with decent things like a city background and things such as that.) We are all very outgoing but there is a limit to our own insanity. For pictures I will accept partial nudity. It has to be tasteful. As a general guideline think of images that would be okay in magazines that do not require photo ID to buy.

      4.4 Basic conduct: Mutual Respect
      Respect the other players as people who want to share a friendly, welcoming, stress-free environment with you. Be supportive of others and respectful of their meaningful contributions. Don't be condescending to someone depending on their in-ccharacter (IC) power levels... remember, you may need them one day. If you cannot separate Out of Character (OOC, which means anything that isn't just part of the fictional storyline) from IC then it is useless to play here. The things that go on in your real life do not have to affect your character. In fact, that's one of the many blessings to roleplaying, the escape it gives you from the pressure and stress of your daily life. If you're in a bad mood sure you character can be too, but be careful not to lash out at others who just came here to have fun. You donít take things out on other characters or players because of your OOC problems. You don't need to get along with all of the other players, but no other player should have to hear/read about it on the forums or in the chatroom. We don't care about your petty OOC differences. Take that to Skype, Facebook, or a private room if you really feel like a couple of words on a website somewhere will actually benefit your cause in any way.

      Basic conduct: Out of Character (OOC) Arguments
      ANY player (as always, moderators are NOT exempt) bringing OOC arguments to the room will be asked to leave. OOC arguments are NOT to be posted into the chatroom, not even in Private Messages (PM). If another player identifies a chat as an argument it must stop immediately. You have the right to refuse private messages from anyone attacking you directly, and please report any occurrences of harassment or threatening behavior. If you want to take it elsewhere, or bring it up for discussion with a moderator, you can do so. We will help you resolve issues, but in the room, where others can see it and get discouraged or irritated by it, is NOT THE PLACE. You WILL be asked to leave and take the matter elsewhere to resolve, no more private arguments, no more main screen "roleplay pollution". A conversation becomes an argument the moment ANY other player says it is. No disputes. Take it to a private room or Skype (etc). There you may verbally kill each other should you really both want that. We don't mind.

      Avatars (Images) created by others
      If you're looking for a great image (sometimes called avatar or avi) for your character, but feel that you would not be able to produce a quality image, your fellow players are likely able to help! Many of them have shown AMAZING talent in creating images. This forum has a section for requesting such images from other players. But when you wish to request or use an image created by another, please understand the following.
      First: These images take time, and most (ALL we know of) are done for free. Please be kind when requesting help, and thank those who help you.
      Second: Always remember they CREATED the image, THEY make the rules for its use. If the creator advises they will make it, but they have conditions such as only they can change it, and if they say you have to stop using it then you have to oblige them. But these rules must be stated and agreed to by both parties BEFORE the image is actually handed over to the person who requested it. These agreements must be posted (and signed off on for both parties, creator and receiver) along with the image that was created. Once the image is posted and the hand-over has been signed off, only those conditions that were posted at the time of the hand-over will stand as evidence against disagreements later.
      BOTTOM LINE: If you want to establish rules for the image's use, do so BEFORE the requester can use the image. If you disagree with the agreements as posted on this forum, don't post the image for their use. Once they're using it, you can't add new rules for that image, but we can help you enforce the rules established when it was requested/offered.
      Avatar requests can be submitted, and discussed with agreements worked out, here:

      All peoples in Leadership positions are to be respected and treated as such.
      They are there for a reason. If you're confused or donít understand something about your type of character or about a post donít hesitate to ask.
      If you are not comfortable handling an IC or OOC situation, ask a fellow player or moderator for help. We can help when you don't know how certain things are supposed to go. We can help you smooth out a conflict without hurt feelings. We can address cases of harassment, god-modding (see below), or other rule violations. Please speak to a moderator or other administrator if you need any help.
      If your character is a vampire you follow all the MOTCís rules, and if youíre a lycanthrope you follow your corresponding leader the ulfric, khan whichever it may be.

      To begin your experience with us:
      The following section is meant to guide playerís in creating and maintaining a character that suits roleplay at Dark Horizons, and adheres to the rules weíve established. Reading these rules and guidelines carefully will not only help you ensure your characters are approved for DH, but will also help you shape your character into an entity we all want to interact with!

      *SPECIAL NOTE: The following rules are now in place. We are aware that certain key exceptions may exist, most notably in those circumstances where a character has already been approved by a moderator over the years. We do not intend to turn anyone away with these new rules, only to encourage new players and promote a fair atmosphere for all. PLEASE speak to a moderator should you believe you have a case that is exceptional to the character rules posted below. We want to work with you, not against you, and will handle all concerns on a case-by-case basis.

      *SPECIAL NOTE: Moderators are NOT exempt from these rules. Should you wish to appeal a case, please organize a meeting with your fellow moderators to determine what can be done to ensure fair treatment.
      Thank you.

      Your Dark Horizons (DH) Character
      In order to play as an actual character you need to submit a character sheet or it may leave you ignored.
      You may play a human with no powers without providing a character sheet, but know you play at your own risk. Please note that so long as you have not posted a character sheet (with a working background) other players are perfectly in their rights to ignore your posts as they see fit.
      Non-human characters (including any with special powers) have to be approved before any powers or abilities are available. Again, at best you simply risk being outright ignored and your posts made null and void. At worst you may be banned if your actions disrupt the enjoyment of other players.
      Character sheets must be approved by TWO moderators before they can become active in the room (Characters approved BEFORE January 1st 2012 are exempt).

      Visiting Characters
      If you are wanting to play a character created for another site, or what we call a "Visiting Character" please see the special "Visiting Character" rules found here:

      Character Level by Player Rules
      (1) No new-to-DH players (this includes those players who may have, or may be, engaged in roleplay on other sites) can create a new DH character above novice (lowest) level 1.
      (2) Once a player has leveled one of their characters to a certain point, they have demonstrated both their excellence in roleplay and the fact that they can be trusted in positions of higher power. They may afterward create a new character that begins at a power level up to (but never exceeding) the level of their previously leveled character. This isnít meant to offend anyone. We had to prove ourselves, so should you. We hope youíll see this as an exciting challenge and a way to hone your skills and move up through the ranks.
      (3) Anyone may create their own Non-Player Characters (NPCs) provided their power level does not exceed the power level of their highest level Player Character (PC). You may also roleplay as any NPC created by another player PROVIDED you have their permission to play as them. You will be expected to research the NPC to help ensure you are portraying them accurately (you can ask the creator for help in this), and while you are playing them you must have the creator's permission to deal the NPC permament damage (such as cutting their arm off, blinding them, giving them a terminal disease, changing their nature, killing them, etc). Permission to play as an NPC can be revoked at any time in which case the player must immediately cease roleplaying as that NPC and control return to the original creator.
      (4) Leveling requests must be approved by TWO moderators (who will review the records of posts that involve your character to determine if it is warranted). Moderators and the players themselves can request a "level-up" by visiting the "Character Level Ups" section of the forum and adding a post titled "Request for Level: (Character name)" with details of the level up request. Moderators will review and once 2 moderators have approved the level-up, you're ready to play with your new level. Until then you may continue to play at your current level. (Characters whose level-ups were approved BEFORE January 1st 2012 are exempt).

      Active Character by Player Rules
      (1) No one player may have more than 2 active characters of Alpha (Highest) level.
      (2) No one player can have more than 3 active characters of higher than Moderate (middle) level.
      (3) A player can have as many Novice Level characters as they wish.
      (4) A player can have as many human (without special powers) characters as they wish.

      The only Gods are the Mods
      There is zero tolerance to GOD MODDING which, in its most common use, is where you think that your novice character can beat a much stronger character. It just canít happen, you may be able to trick or stall them but you wonít be able to beat them in a normal stand-off.
      There's also the case of characters that are simply excessive. You play your character as smarter than everyone else, stronger than everyone else, faster, and just (keyword) better than everyone. This goes beyond making a great character and more into not letting anyone else shine or try to accomplish something great as well. Remember that this is about cooperation, and RP is not a game you can win. It's teamwork, not a race or a test of strength. It's players coming together, not Player vs Player.
      The golden rule to guide you here is to make sure you have the other player's consent. Fight if they want to fight too. Kick butt, if they agree you kick butt. And always try, in the back of your mind, to remember this is about all of the others too. You're not the center of the universe. Of course, your character can believe anything; we fully welcome crazy self-centered pricks as characters. Hahaha.
      While the mods are held by the same rule, remember that they have the power to kick your butt out..and that's final.
      With that said, there are plenty of resources available out there to give you an idea of whether or not the character youíve created is a bit TOO MUCH. Remember, the key here is to create a character other players WANT to read about; WANT to interact with. In that vein itís a lot like trying to write a character that readers would appreciate in a novel. With that in mind, we recommend reading the following (humorous) resources. They are meant to help writers avoid the pitfalls of an excessive character (known for its trope namer ďMary SueĒ). Please read these resources with the knowledge they are meant as guidance, not to judge, and are meant to be humorous, not cruel (though sometimes we all need to hear that weíre going TOO FAR). ... SueClassic ... ySueTropes ... ngAMarySue

      Please remember that you joined us to have fun:
      Most importantly you are to HAVE FUN!!! And care about and respect other players.

      P.S. All that register here and wish to play must agree to these terms or find another place to RP. Your being here at all, or on our chatrooms, constitutes as complete agreement to abide by our rules.

      Please contact a Room Mod, Co-owner or the room owner if you have IC and OOC Issues.Thanks

      All images posted to the forums and chat room are to be no bigger then 500H X 500W (pixels)

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Your signature is NOT required. In fact, please do not add your signature as it gives the impression we require your signature to show you agree with the rules and so some might wrongly believe that not signing makes them exempt from the rules.

This is NOT the case.

Posting on the message board or in the chat room both constitute your full and binding agreement to play by the rules posted here.

The only replies to this post should be when a moderator modifies the content of the rules post above. They will include the rule section number and a write-up of the change so everyone can quickly see what has changed since last they read the rules.

Thank you for assisting us in keeping this section clean and coherent.
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Re: Rules
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