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Human NPCs
« on: March 03, 2015, 08:50:17 pm »
The following are some of the significant and recurring human NPCs that have been used in my (Seth) storylines. If you're interested in using these NPCs in your RP, or (better yet) interested in taking on one of these characters as your own, please message me. They were intended for sharing. As always, use of anyone's creations is subject to the discrimination of the original creator, but the hope is these characters will become your own to such a degree that such concerns don't even matter.

Cassandra Pierson:

Celebrity: Sigourney Weaver
Age: 53
Position/Affiliations: Lead Forensic Investigator (same precinct as Robert Giles)
Supernatural Abilities: None known
Known History: In their much earlier career, she’d served as Robert’s car partner for just over three years, though truth be told she would have liked for that partnership to have moved beyond merely professional. Neither of them ever spoke of it, but both seemed to understand that it was that tension that pressed her to switch partners, though it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Less than four months afterward Cassandra, “Cass”, received the promotion she most certainly deserved and moved up in the ranks, soon to pursue a deeper understanding of forensics.
In the current day, she was last seen helping Robert Giles by studying markings on a corpse believed to be necromantic sigils.
  • Drinks a LOT of black, unsweetened coffee
  • Wise, quick-witted, intelligent, educated, incisive, astute to the point that people almost suspect her powers of observation border on the supernatural
  • Level-headed, calm, resourceful and reliable; at times clinical to the point of almost seeming apathetic
  • Dutiful, diligent, punctual, methodical and meticulous
  • Hypercritical, outspoken and plain-speaking; though she can be (somewhat surprisingly) motherly when those she cares about are subject to emotional or physical duress

Cassidy Miller:

Celebrity: Gary Dourdan
Age: 34
Position/Affiliations: Crime Lab Technician & Blood Splatter Analyst for Orlando Police (working same precinct as Robert Giles), likely the best Forensics investigator in the department after Cassandra Pierson.
Supernatural Abilities: None known
Known History: So far has only appeared in one scene, while out with other officers Detectives Luis Arriaga, Morgan Fisher, and Police Captain Robert Giles getting a few drinks after work
  • Favorite drink is a Jack and Coke (and lots of them)
  • Artistic, poetic, energetic even boisterous when not on the clock,
  • Assertive, well-meaning, mannerly, charming, confident (bordering on cocky and a little ostentatious when intoxicated)
  • Open-minded, keen, inventive and adventurous (some would say kinky), a naturalist (some say "nudist" but he might object)
  • Dedicated to staying in top physical condition,
  • Mercurial but motivated, can be quarrelsome but is also reliable and loyal

Morgan Fisher:

Celebrity: Jared Padalecki
Age: 28
Position/Affiliations: Detective for the Orlando Police Department, stationed in Robert Giles' precinct
Supernatural Abilities: None known
Known History: Morgan doesn't drink alcohol. When he's out he prefers cranberry juice (a recovering alcoholic father gave him all the reason he needed to abstain). His rare but stubborn moments of unbalance are likely tied to a traumatic experience(s) he doesn't seem to want to talk about.
  • Incredible pool player (and darts, and apparently anything requiring impeccable aim and hand-eye coordination)
  • Watchful, brave, protective
  • Well-behaved, affectionate, warmhearted, old-fashioned and winningly chivalrous
  • Can be moody, somber, even testy and touchy when on the defensive, requiring a delicate hand
  • Well-respected by his friends, peers, and even strangers after a short time of being near him and seeing how he treats others with dignity and appreciation

Supernatural Abilities:
Known History:
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