Author Topic: please Enelya Omg i found a pic hasnt seen in 9 yrs please play with it  (Read 312 times)


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My fav pic i havent seen in atleast 9 yrs please do Your magic and make it fw wearable pretty pleaseeeeeee

1. Full Celeb name .. If the celeb has no last name then you are to post 5 high quality pics. Pics not of high quality wont be used.

2. Anything you want written on the avatar ie. name, saying, etc make sure all is spell correctly. I believe in Copy and Paste.


3. Colours you would like as a background, hair, eyes, etc (No promises, if it can't be done than it won't be, I can only do so much people)
anything as Your amazing

4. I may not see the request right away, sorry guys but I do have a life outside of this computer (as much as it may not seem so lol). If you have made a request and within a day or so I have not posted it up or at least responded, please feel free to come into Dark Horizon room and nag at me I'm usually in there.

My Size for avs is generally 685 X 500 or 700 X 550.. It depends on the av.. Unless you state otherwise.
700x550 please