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My rules
« on: July 18, 2014, 10:54:54 am »
My Rules:

1.    I will under no circumstance work with anyone elseís avs. I will not altar or adjust at all. I do my own work and I take pride if you need an av altered see original maker. Which in turn means. DO NOT alter my work or steal it and say its yours. I put a water stamp on my work so Ill know if this happens. Trust me.

2.    I work with most pictures, I do not work with children, bestiality, extreme bdsm. You know the kind I am referring to peeps. Use your thoughts on this one.

3.    Please be patient avs can be a lengthy process sometimes.

4.    I will be happy to host your image if you wish, however if you host your own tell me so I can remove it.

5.    Getting a hold of me, Tag me on the boards if its been a few days and you havenít heard from me. Stop by Dark Horizons room.. I am in there in red.. Send a pm telling me you have messaged me on the boards.
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